NICRO: Reasons for tavern crimes complex, deep-rooted

NICRO: Reasons for tavern crimes complex, deep-rooted

A crime prevention organisation says the weekend shooting at two taverns in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng points to a larger social issue.

Nomzamo Park tavern shooting in Soweto

Police say 12 patrons were shot when two gunmen who arrived in a car stormed a tavern in Sweetwaters on Saturday night.

Four were killed and the others injured.

In the early hours of yesterday, another shooting took place at a tavern in Soweto. It left 15 people dead.

The South African National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders has called for action following the shootings.

NICRO's says Betzi Pierce says the incidents are a shocking resemblance to the Enyobeni tavern tragedy, where 21 young people died last month.

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"It can be seen as symptoms for underlying social and economic and political challenges. NICRO recognises that violence causes profound psychological and trauma and reduce the quality of life for all citizens.


“Our communities are in dire need of support and intervention that will help protect against the ongoing violence and loss of life. NIRCO respectively offers our support to those affected by these tragic events.

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