NEHAWU: Frontline workers receiving no salary face poverty

NEHAWU: Frontline workers receiving no salary face poverty

NEHAWU says while it welcomes the announcement frontline healthcare workers will be among the first to be vaccinated, the President has failed to address current issues in the sector.


National spokesperson Khaya Xaba says healthcare workers are risking their lives daily - but government has still not introduced danger allowance. 

"Frontline workers currently have not been paid their salary which was due on the 1st of April 2020 have not been paid or  a danger allowance or moral incentive. 

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"So most of them are dejected, however, they still continue to go and serve even though they are facing poverty because government refuses to pay their salary increases," he adds.  

The union also says it remains worried about what it says are the sketchy details on the logistics of the vaccine rollout strategy.

Among other things, it wants to know about the vaccination training programme for clinicians who'll carry out the immunisations.

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