Gov needs to relook at gazette on licence renewals - DA

Gov needs to relook at gazette on licence renewals - DA

The DA in KwaZulu-Natal has asked the Transport Department to consider extending the grace period for vehicle licence renewals.

Vehicle licence disc

It's responded to a statement that the department issued recently. 

Transport officials said that the reprieve doesn't apply to motorists who need to renew their licence disks. 

According to the Government Gazette, only learner licences, driving licence cards, temporary driving licences, and professional driving permits - are deemed valid until the end of August this year.  

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The DA's spokesperson on Transport in KZN,  Sharon Hoosen says it's best to avoid any super spreader, queuing system that will happen at DLT Centres. 

"We already had backlog due to COVID-19 that commenced last year and with the constant interruption at DLT centres, so it makes perfect sense to do an extension so that people are also safe." 

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