Motorists warned of steep fuel price hikes in June

Motorists warned of steep fuel price hikes in June

We can expect a significant fuel price hike next month.

Fuel prices up again

The Automobile Association says petrol users could pay between R1.93 and R1.97 more for a litre.

Diesel looks set to go up by around R1.60 a litre.

Illuminating paraffin is expected to increase by R2.14 a litre.

The AA has based the predictions on unaudited mid-month data.

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It says the Rand is currently weaker against the dollar and oil prices remain high.

Spokesperson Layton Beard says the prices aren't conclusive as adjustments can still be made.

"These prices are of a lower-base in the sense that the general fuel levy has been cut by R1.50, that ends in May. 

"So, depending on what government plans are going into June we may need to add R1.50 to that price depending on what the proposals are that government comes up with in terms of how it looks to mitigate that rising fuel cost.

"We are waiting with keen interest to see what those plans are from government and hopefully they will release that sooner that later."


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