Motorists could be in for some savings at the fuel pump

Motorists could be in for some savings at the fuel pump

Motorists can expect to breathe a little bit easier at the fuel pump next month, according to the Automobile Association (AA). 

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This follows the release of the Central Energy Fund's unaudited mid-month fuel price data. 

AA Spokesperson Layton Beard says they're predicting a drop in prices across the spectrum. 

"The current data is projecting a decrease of between 26c/l and 36c/l for petrol, a whopping 88c/l reduction in the price of diesel and a big drop of 83c for illuminating paraffin going into the new month. 

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"The rand's remarkable rally against the US dollar in recent weeks and retreating international oil prices have resulted in lower landed prices of refined fuels in the country and this is signalling good news for consumers at the end of September," Beard explains. 

But he cautions motorists not to get over-excited.

"We do caution however that oil prices can see-saw as world oil demand and supply gradually rebalance but if the current indicators of the exchange rate and oil prices hold steady this will give consumers a much needed breather at the pumps in the new month."

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