Motorists to brace for more fuel price adjustments

Motorists to brace for more fuel price adjustments

Analysts are predicting a see-saw effect on the fuel prices - as costs are set to change because of the introduction of the new Carbon Tax.

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The Automobile Association says petrol costs are set to drop at the beginning of next month but because of the new Carbon Tax being implemented, it looks like motorists will have to pay more. 

The AA's Layton Beard says we should be seeing a decrease of 7-cents at litre for petrol in a few weeks.

"All of this needs to be tempered with the fact that there is carbon tax that is going to be added to fuel at end of May going into June. This will be nine-cents for petrol and 10-cents for diesel. It is a mixed bag going into June. We will certainly have a clearer picture of what these numbers are going to tell us towards the end of May," Beard said.

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