More details emerge in KwaDukuza baby rescue

More details emerge in KwaDukuza baby rescue

A teenager and her newborn baby are recovering in a KwaDukuza hospital - after the pupil gave birth at her high school.  

Baby found in pit toilet in KwaDukuza

But emergency services personnel were called to the school to rescue the infant - who'd fallen into a pit toilet.   

Firefighters had to break through a slab under the toilet to save the baby.  

A source close to the case has told Newswatch that the teen - allegedly unaware that she was pregnant - went to use a toilet. 

It's understood she was already in labour at this point and gave birth - with the baby falling into the pit-toilet. 

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Once she realised what had happened - the pupil called for help and the local fire department jumped into action. 

They managed to reach the baby - who had miraculously survived the ordeal. 

Both mom and baby were then taken to hospital. KwaZulu-Natal poliKZce say no case has been opened.

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