Mondlo councillor pleads for community's patience

Mondlo councillor pleads for community's patience

A ward councillor has appealed for patience in Zululand's Mondlo community saying there are plans to build a bridge over a river there. 

Mafodobo River

Locals have been protesting after another life was lost on Saturday night. 

During a heavy storm, a taxi driver's vehicle was swept away by the flooded Mvuzini River. 

Last year, two elderly women died while trying to cross the river to get to a settlement. 

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Residents say they can't get in or out of their community during heavy rains. 

Councillor Tholile Khumalo says she understands their concern and asked that they be patient. 

"The community does not believe me when I tell them that I'm trying my best to get help. That river is dangerous. If it's raining, people cant go to school, clinics or work, they have to wait it out."

"I'm glad the Minister of Transport has intervened, and construction will begin soon," she says.  

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