Merebank residents shaken by murder of grandmother

Merebank residents shaken by murder of grandmother

A ward councillor in Durban says the Merebank community's been left shaken and traumatised following the murder of a 57-year-old grandmother. 

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She was strangled in her home on Tuesday

Her five-year-old grandchild and helper were tied up by intruders who ransacked the property, stealing cell phones and other household items. 

Councillor Aubrey Snyman says the community's shocked:

"We had one or two of these kinds of incidents, but it was people known to us in fact. 

"They were like tenants and so forth and had done certain things like this, but in this particular case, it is very difficult for me to say whether these perpetrators were known to the victim. 

"There is quite a lot of crime and violence in this ward," says Snyman. 

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