Malema: President Ramaphosa, media must be held accountable

Malema: President Ramaphosa, media must be held accountable

EFF leader Julius Malema has accused the media and NGOs of refusing to hold President Cyril Ramaphosa and his executive to account.

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Economic Freeform Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema Economic Freeform Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Photo by Neo Motloung

He was addressing the Press Club South Africa in Cape Town this morning. 

Malema says there's little appetite to get to the bottom of the funding of Ramaphosa's campaign to become ANC president. "Where are the NGOs which were shouting the loudest during Zuma's time

"Why were they not in court when we're demanding that the court must open those sealed documents that are hiding the emails and the bank statements of CR17? Why is the media not in court with us to demand that the president should be held accountable,"  questioned Malema. 

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Malema says leaders must all be subjected to the same Constitution. "Anything else that suggests that others should be treated differently It's unacceptable, and it is not sustainable," he said. 

He said if it was, Zuma who had asked the court to seal his bank statements, he would have all funded NGOs at the court demanding that Zuma documents must be opened. 

He added, "Correctly so why are you not doing the same with Cyril Ramaphosa" 

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