Malema: De Klerk is an 'unrepentant apologist of Apartheid'

Malema: De Klerk is an 'unrepentant apologist of Apartheid'

Proceedings at the State of the Nation Address got off to a bumpy start after disruptions and delays by multiple motions by members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). 

FW De Klerk SONA 2020
Screengrab: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa on YouTube

Shortly before President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the podium to deliver his speech, EFF leader Julius Malema rised on a point of order as asked National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise to remove former President FW De Klerk from the joint sitting. 

"Honourable speaker, we have a murderer in the House. We have a man who has got blood of innocent people in this House which is supposed to represent the wills of our people and therefore it is incorrect for you to have extended an invitation to De Klerk."

"De Klerk is a murder, he has got blood on his hands.... De Klerk said Apartheid was not a crime against humanity. He is an unrepentant apologist of Apartheid," he says. 


Malema was referring to an interview De Klerk gave on his 30th anniversary speech where he announced the release of Nelson Mandela. 


Modise dismissed Malema's submission. 

The party also kept its promise to disrupt the sitting, if Ramaphosa failed to sack Pravin Gordhan as Public Enterprises Minister.

During an hour or so of disruptions, Modise threatened to have disruptive members thrown out.  

Proceedings were then briefly suspended and when they resumed - EFF MPs stormed out. 

But speaking to journalists outside the National Assembly, Malema says its impossible to have a normal state of the nation address considering the current state of affairs in South Africa.

"Things are not normal and therefore you can't have a normal state of the nation address. It is necessary for the state of the nation address to reflect what is really happening in our country."

"To come here, wear gowns and ties and parade on the red carpet creating a wrong impression that the country is going well, is misleading and disingenuous. The EFF is not going to be part of such nonsense."

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