Long queues at some pharmacies, supermarkets in KZN

Long queues at some pharmacies, supermarkets in KZN

Scores of Durban residents queued at some pharmacies on Thursday that have opened their doors for the first time this week.

Long queues at some pharmacies, supermarkets in KZN food
Nushera Soodyal

Many have been desperate to access dispensaries for chronic medication.

But, as with other retail stores that have opened around the city, the lines are long.

A woman Newswatch spoke had been waiting with her fiancé outside a pharmacy. 

"We got here at 9:30 am. We are here for my mom's insulin. The pharmacy that my mom scripts at borders Cornubia so they are obviously not open at the moment. So we are here to get one pen of insulin.

"My mom was actually going to book a flight to Cape Town to go see a doctor for the script and come back. That is how bad it was because my mom has got lung disease, she's diabetic, she got lupus, so to have her on a plane was a very scary thought. She hasn't travelled since the pandemic hit." 

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This man says the staff have been helpful.

"A long queue that is exceptionally well organised. Very compassionate, lots of empathy shown by the staff and a pleasure to see even with the circumstances." 

Another local queued to get medication for her sister. 

"I came here with my mom. We were suppose to get her medication because she is very, very sick. She has lupus, so we have to get her medication."


Scores of people in Durban also flocked to the few supermarkets that were open and provided some relief to residents who’ve been desperate for basic food items.

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Some have told Newswatch they are worried about their food security and just want the looting to end.

This 21-year-old woman says she and her mum had stood in a queue that stretched around a block from 8 am but didn’t make it inside the shop. 

This man says he also queued for several hours. 

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