Liquor council slams SAPA over advert comment

Liquor council slams SAPA over advert comment

With coronavirus infection creeping up again, the liquor industry says government can deal with the rise in numbers without having to implement another booze ban. 

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The SA Alcohol Policy Alliance has recommended government take a more proactive approach - amid fears of a third Covid-19 wave. 

It says government should consider introducing some restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol now - instead of a complete ban later. 

But the National Liquor Traders Council's Lucky Ntimane says the issues of the industry must be taken into consideration when discussing measures.

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"We were under the impression that we were working on a social compact with government agencies. We share the same sentiments with SAPA in terms of ensuring that we have an environment that supports the responsible sale of alcohol. 

"But for such a statement to not even consider the issue of livelihoods - our people have been subjected to almost 20 weeks of non-trading - it's even difficult for some of them to find their feet." 

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