Lion roaming in Dundee spotted on camera

Lion roaming in Dundee spotted on camera

A Dundee farmer says residents and school children are afraid to leave their homes after a lion was spotted in the area.

Lion roaming in Dundee spotted on camera

Farmer, Jaco Potgieter says the trouble began when his staff found one of the calves dead on his farm on Sunday.

"When the herdsman start rounding the cattle, and they got to the calf which had been killed, they informed us that the paw prints around the calf were very strange looking and the calf was bitten and eaten.

"At that moment, we did not realise it was a lion. We saw the footprints. It was a really big footprint, but we have leopard as well in our area."

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Potgieter says he put out a trail camera on the carcass  - which captured footage of a lion.

He says a search for the big cat was immediately launched.

He also asked a local game reserve if they were missing any animals - but they said they weren't.

Potgieter says the reserve has offered to dart the lion if found - and keep it on their property for the time being. 

"Hopefully tomorrow morning, we have got new bait and the camera still there on the spot where he ate the calf. So hopefully it will come in, and we can dart it because people cannot go to work. People are scared."

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