Lapsed grant beneficiaries urged to contact SASSA's hotline

Lapsed grant beneficiaries urged to contact SASSA's hotline

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) says there's help for beneficiaries who didn't receive their social grants for April. 

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Beneficiaries will need to apply for 'Social Relief of Distress' via the agency's free helpline. 

"What is required when you apply for the SRD is to contact our office, ensure that you have your ID number, address, contact number and a short reason for your request," SASSA's KZN spokesperson, Sandy Godlwana said. 

Godlwana said food parcels and vouchers will be sent to beneficiaries who couldn't apply for a grant renewal - due to the lockdown. 

SASSA's free helpline is 0800 60 10 11. 

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Meanwhile, the SA Waste Pickers' Association says government's Solidarity Fund will help its workers survive the 21-day lockdown. 

Many waste pickers - who depend on daily earnings - were left with little or no work since the lockdown began. 

Simon Mbatha is one of them. 

"Being a waste picker is not a profession that someone has studied - it was an option out of no choice because I had to make a living for my family. I don't have any other option. Also, waste pickers risk alot in terms of their working conditions.

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