Ramokgopa: Lack of load shedding not due to Eskom burning more diesel

Ramokgopa: Lack of load shedding not due to Eskom burning more diesel

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa has again promised that the end of load shedding is near.

Kgosientsho Ramokgopa

He says the proof is in the country not having had rolling blackouts for 40 days.


"Starting 1 May, we have not been burning the diesel. A considerable part of April we have been burning a significantly lower amount of diesel, and still, we don't have load shedding. The last time we were burning this diesel we had load shedding, the only answer can be found in the fact that these machines are performing better,” the minister said in Pretoria on Monday. 

Ramokgopa spoke during his weekly update on the performance of the national grid and the implementation of the Energy Action Plan. 

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He says most of the power stations' energy availability factor has improved.


“We are sitting at 58,99%; we are not where we want to be. Remember, we wanted to be here in the last financial year, but we are close.  We are able to see that the trend line is such that we are going to surpass this performance. It’s going in the right direction.


“What we attempt to do is isolate these power stations. I have talked about these power stations that are carrying us out of this situation. There are others that are still lagging behind, like Thuthuka, but I'm confident that in the next three to four months, Thuthuka will come to the party."    

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