Laboratory test clears lollipops in Verulam school health scare

Laboratory test clears lollipops in Verulam school health scare

An independent laboratory has found that the XPOP Energy lollipops made by Richester Foods were not responsible for the health scare at a Verulam school recently. 

82 KwaMaphumulo pupils taken to hospital after eating lollipops

The food company launched an investigation into the sweet last week.


The probe came after pupils complained of food poisoning after allegedly consuming the lollipops on Friday. 


About 40 children were rushed to the hospital with symptoms including nausea and abdominal pain. 

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Hussein Cassim, who is the company's managing director, said the product batch in question was sent to the lab for chemical and microbiological analysis. 


"Our XPOP energy lollipops were not responsible in any way for the school children's symptoms of being sick."

"After performing tests on these lollipops, the scale of hygiene has failed to detect any bacterial causes or contamination of causes that could relate to ill health," he said 


“These laboratory test have once again upheld our confidence in the quality of product and strength of our strict values in food and hygiene standards.”

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