KZN’s HIV infection rate in the spotlight

KZN’s HIV infection rate in the spotlight

We'll soon find out if there has been a change to KwaZulu-Natal's HIV prevalence rate. 

Blood sample positive with HIV test

The Human Science Research Council is carrying out its national HIV survey to get a clear picture of infections in the country, population behaviours and medical accessibility. 


The council's Dr Edmore Marinda says the survey is done every three to four years. 


He says during the last study the national infection rate stood at 14%. 


KZN, which is the worst affected province, recorded a figure of 18%. 

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There was a high prevalence of HIV in young women between the ages of 14 and 24 years. 


"In terms of the number of people were heard about 4.4 million who were on treatment which constitutes about 62% of the national population and of those KZN contributed 1.25 million,” says Marinda.

"We used the survey to get a sense in terms of where the HIV epidemic is, so we look at infection rates but more importantly, we also look at treatment issues."

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