KZN residents warned of four-day heatwave

KZN residents warned of four-day heatwave

The South African Weather Service has cautioned the public about the scorching temperatures that are expected to persist for four days.

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The KZN Midlands and the western parts of the province might see temperatures rise to around 40 degrees Celsius. 


ALS Paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson is advising residents to limit outdoor activities, wear loose clothing and avoid strenuous physical activities during this time.

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He says residents should be on the lookout for health implications like heat stroke, hyperthermia, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.


"Common signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion include confusion, loss of consciousness, dry skin, possible seizures and obviously high body temperatures. These need to be treated as such, and if treatment is not commenced immediately, it could become fatal."   


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