KZN police chief says 121k arrested for various crimes since April ’23

KZN police chief says 121k arrested for various crimes since April ’23

KwaZulu-Natal police commissioner Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi says over 121,000 suspects were arrested for various crimes from April last year.

Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi

“Thirty-seven-thousand-five-hundred-and-eighty-seven of them were nabbed for contact crime. Of the total number of those arrested for contact crime, 2,407 of them were arrested for murder.


“A total of 4,874 were nabbed for rape, whereas 3,069 suspects were arrested for attempted murder. In cases of robbery with aggravated circumstances, 2,395 suspects were arrested."  


Mkhwanazi spoke at a media briefing in Durban on Tuesday, where he released the province's crime stats for the past financial year. 


He said that between October and May, over R1,5 billion worth of cocaine was recovered in KZN. 

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Some of the drugs were found on ships entering the ports of Durban and Richards Bay:


"The people bringing these goods, these cargoes, into the country use false addresses, so they will use an address in Johannesburg, somewhere in Midrand,” said Mkhwanazi. 


“The shipment comes in as we profile it. We find it, we put a stop on it, and we send our officers to check that address, only to find that it’s not a company address. It’s a family, an old couple that stays there, or a crechè. They have no idea. They have no knowledge of any cargo that is coming into the country."   

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