KwaSizabantu rape survivor alleges 'faceless man' abused some girls in dorm

KwaSizabantu rape survivor alleges 'faceless man' abused some girls in dorm

Harrowing testimony from people who suffered an atrocious abuse of humans rights continues to mount against the KwaSizabantu Mission. 

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A CRL Rights Commission hearing into allegations of cultism and rape enters its third day in Durban. 

The inquiry heard testimony from a former student at the mission's boarding school. She started going to the church mission's boarding school, from the age of five. 

She appeared visibly shaken and her hands trembled violently at one stage before she began crying during her testimony. She told the commission how she remembers being scared all the time.

The woman alleged that a man would go into the dorm which housed about 300 girls and claimed to have abused them.

She says they called him the faceless man as they could not see his face at night.

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"Thinking now, it was one of the people who lived in the mission because we reported it and no one did anything about it. Most of us were raped at the time as children."

She says women were punished for speaking up about what had happened to them.

They resorted to sleeping in groups of five to protect each other.

"Victim blaming was very prevalent at the mission that is why people took advantage of this. It happened to so many girls and they didn't come forward because they were scared they would be beaten." 

She says she is now an atheist. 

"I was abused so much in the name of God. I hate Christianity, God and anything that is including God."

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