KwaMakhutha community in shock after mass killings

KwaMakhutha community in shock after mass killings

Friends and family of the seven men who were gunned down, execution-style at a homestead in KwaMakhutha, south if Durban says they're in disbelief about what has happened.

Mass killing KwaMakhutha
Nushera Soodyal

The bodies of the men aged between 21 and 35 - were found in the abandoned house last night, after the community heard a number of gunshots.


Earlier, police said drugs were found under the bodies.

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The victims' friend - Nompilo Gudazi says she was with them last night, but left to go home.

"After I left, I heard that they were dead. I don't know what they did and if they did something to those people, I just don't know."

"I can't understand why they had to kill all of them at the same time. They were all my friends and I do not know why they were killed. They are boys, they have their own ways." Gudazi said.

One of the men's girlfriends says she and his family are extremely hurt, "I am really not ok and it hurts a lot." she said. 

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