KwaDukuza Municipality's Ballito scuffle probe finds no wrongdoing

KwaDukuza Municipality's Ballito scuffle probe finds no wrongdoing

A probe by KwaDukuza Municipality has found no wrongdoing on the part of two of its peace officers - at the centre of a weekend incident involving a father and his child on the north coast.

Ballito scuffle video

The scuffle - which was caught on camera - sparked outrage after one the officers appeared to be taking the screaming boy out of a housing complex.

In a statement issued this evening, the municipality says officers received a complaint about some residents breaking the lockdown rules by being on Shakas Rock Tidal Beach with their children.


"It was around 08h45 when officers arrived at the Shakas Rock Tidal Beach and observed people being at the Beach while it is not allowed during Lockdown Level 4, in the company of kids. Officers informed them of their transgressions and their rights."

It says 11 people who were found on the beach were arrested. 

Officials say of the seven children who were with them - four were safely handed over to their homes.

"The other three kids were being processed to be handed over to their homes safely at the same premises as seen on video when this incident happened."

The municipality says while officers were busy with the remaining minors - the father seen in the video tried to evade arrest by running away.


"The person recording the video was also arrested for the same transgression."


"Furthermore, we have learned that the man causing drama by running away to avoid arrest is an employee of the Department of Health (DoH) at Chief Albert Luthuli Hospital."

The probe has found the child was handled correctly in terms of the Children's Act - and was being taken to safety - as the father had been arrested.

Meanwhile, Premier Sihle Zikalala has instructed the MECs for Safety And Local Government to urgently investigate the matter.

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