IFP performance in local elections ‘no surprise’ - Buthelezi

IFP performance in local elections ‘no surprise’ - Buthelezi

Inkatha Freedom Party founder Mangosuthu Buthelezi says more and more people are turning to the party for solutions to the country's various crises.

IFP Buthulezi
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"Many of the votes represent people who have walked with the IFP for decades,” he said on Sunday.


“These stalwarts and patriots have worked alongside us as South Africa went through some of her greatest crises. They know what the IFP is capable of. I want to thank them, specifically, for keeping the faith and for keeping the IFP strong. Because now, in the present crisis, the IFP can lead again.”


The party secured 27.5% of the ballots in KZN during the municipal elections.

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Addressing the media at a press briefing at the IFP headquarters in Durban on Sunday, Buthelezi said voters gave the party an additional 112 seats.


He said it came as no surprise.


“Already in 2019, the IFP was placed on a strong upward trajectory, after which we continued to win by-election after by-election. We were called ‘the comeback kids’ and everyone expected the IFP to do well in 2021.”

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