DA: No chance of coalition with ANC or EFF

DA: No chance of coalition with ANC or EFF

The DA has ruled out any coalition agreement with the EFF or ANC in any of the hung councils around the country following the local elections.

John Steenhuisen Oct 28 2021
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The party says it will only work with those who subscribe to constitutionalism, the rule of law, a social market economy and a capable state as well as non-racialism.


Leader John Steenhuisen outlined the party's position on coalitions after a federal executive meeting on Sunday.


He said although some people expect them to team up with the ruling party - it's not their job to save the ANC.

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"We have committed ourselves to be part of the opposition majority with like-minded parties with an eye of keeping the ANC out of power in as many places across South Africa. It is not the DA's job to save the ANC that is not what our voters want, it's not our mission as a party.”


Steenhuisen said the DA is more than willing to walk away from coalition talks and sit in the opposition benches.


"We will walk away from any negotiants where people tend to say to us who should be the municipal manager, who should be this Section 57 manager, how these contracts should be divvied up once a coalition is in place.


“That is a big red warning sign for us and we will not hesitate to walk away from any negotiations which attempt to put any of those terms on the table. If we going to build a capable state in South Africa we need municipal appointments made on merit and on the ability to do the job and to be able to get those services delivered." 

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