Govt ‘aware’ of land reform problems – Mashatile

Govt ‘aware’ of land reform problems – Mashatile

Deputy President Paul Mashatile says together with the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform and Agriculture, they are working with speed to resolve the settlement of old-order claims.

Govt ‘aware’ of land reform problems – Mashatile

It's understood there are over 5,000 such claims outstanding.


"The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Culture and Land Reform is now working very closely with this institution to make sure that we can then complete this process faster."


Mashatile was answering questions in Parliament on Friday.


He said the IMC will continue to review the best options to improve the financing of the backlog reduction strategy.


"The reasons why we delay is sometimes out of the government's hands, but in the Inter-Ministerial Committee, we are preoccupied with that, to ensure that we can bring justice to people who were forcibly removed from their land who have now put claims to be able to receive their land.


"So, what I will do, I will keep Parliament informed about where we are, but we are definitely aware of the problems that the families are facing."  

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