Government will not privatise Transnet: Ramaphosa

Government will not privatise Transnet: Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa says they are not privatising Transnet. 

Ramaphosa Durban

"A number of other investments are so big that they require partners to come on board. Transnet is a state-owned enterprise, we are not privatising it. Transnet will continue to bring partners and work with them." 

Some Transnet employees picketed yesterday at the Durban Port, where Ramaphosa arrived to meet with the entity's senior management. 

The workers, affiliated to transport union Satawu, said they wanted to air their objections to plans to privatise the parastatal. 

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It follows talks that Transnet intends privatising low-density railway lines. Ramaphosa says the port is currently working with a number of partners. 

" We need to draw a great benefit from the private sector that can bring in money and technology but the way Transnet is being strengthened now, we believe that we are in a much stronger position to be able to work with other partners from a position of strength. Workers need not fear for the loss of their jobs."  

He added if anything, it will just be shifting here and there from one division to another.

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