A furious Zondo postpones Anoj Singh's testimony

A furious Zondo postpones Anoj Singh's testimony

The State Capture Commission of Inquiry has postponed the testimony of former Eskom CFO, Anoj Singh.

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He was expected to give testimony related to his transition from Transnet to Eskom and contracts that were awarded to Trillian, McKinsey, and Gupta-owned Tegeta. 

Singh's lawyer, Advocate Anneline Van Den Heever, requested a postponement stating that he is not ready to give testimony due to documents they have not submitted.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo was not satisfied with the reasons Singh gave for not submitting documents previously.

However, it came to his attention that the commission sent Singh a summons to appear that falsely stated he had submitted an affidavit.

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"Why was a summons issued that said he had submitted an affidavit when factually he had not done so?" asked Zondo

Evidence leader Pule Seleka said he was informed the affidavit was expected to be filed the day after the summons was issued.

"But you cannot issue a summons that says you have filed an affidavit when that has not happened. It does not matter why; the summons needs to tell the person what they are expected to testify about. Effectively this summons is telling Mr. Singh to come and appear on an affidavit that does not exist, so how should I insist he comes to give testimony when there was no affidavit?" added Zondo.

He postponed Singh's testimony and ordered that his lawyers submit a comprehensive affidavit on Monday.


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