Family of slain Newcastle couple devastated by murders

Family of slain Newcastle couple devastated by murders

The family of a Newcastle couple that was killed on their farm at the weekend says the murders have not only devastated them - but have also put livelihoods at risk. 

Normadien couple farm attack

Glen Rafferty, 63, and his 60-year-old wife, Vida were shot and killed on their property in Normandien.

They were ambushed as they returned home from an outing on Saturday night.

It's understood their killers ransacked their house, damaged the security cameras and waited for them. Their dog was also killed.  

Their nephew and neighbour, Roland Collyer says those who'd relied on the Raffertys cattle farm for work, now face uncertainty. 

"Every farm in any community is a pillar, especially for his work as a farmer. 

"Those people are all not sure where or what the future entails for them. Where's their financial support going to come from? I mean the farmer is not there. 

"What's going to happen to the farming operation. The are all very unsure at the moment, so just by that you can know that there's definitely a big impact on somebody's death like that."

Collyer has described his aunt and uncle as gentle and kind people who were respected in the community.

"One would never expect it to happen to somebody you know and it was definitely a shock to everybody, to all of us as a community and family members."

Deputy President David Mabuza has condemned the murders and says they are working on programmes to stop the farm attacks.

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