Family devastated after elderly Chatsworth relative killed in alleged robbery

Family devastated after elderly Chatsworth relative killed in alleged robbery

A family friend and fellow Hare Krishna devotee says the woman who was murdered in a home invasion in Chatsworth, south of Durban, lived her life serving the community. 

Elderly woman's murder rocks Chatsworth community
Lauren Beukes

Jinsee Hairam, 72, was strangled to death yesterday in an alleged robbery, her daughter was left injured and is now recovering in hospital. 

They stole cash and strangled the elderly woman before fleeing.

READ: Elderly woman's murder rocks Chatsworth community

"They were affected badly by what happened, but at least with some degree, they understand the process, the life that she was living," says family friend Radha Giridhari. 

Giridhari says Dasi will be remembered for her warm personality and humble nature.

"She was a pure devotee of the lord. She lived her life performing devotional service for the pleasure of the lord from the time I know her. She had a very wonderful relationship with the devotees, and with the people in general, that's her personality."

Chatsworth residents, are outraged over the killing. 

The CPF's Sam Pillay says senseless killings and violent home invasions need to end.

 "Come in a take whatever you need, why do you have to murder somebody. She wouldn't have been a threat to those perpetrators, she can't fight back she's a 72-year-old woman," said Pillay 

Social Development's Mhlabunzima Memela says the number of deadly attacks on the elderly is baffling. 

"We are disheartened by what has happened. The department has assigned a team of social workers to visit the family and assist the family by providing counselling or psycho-social support,"  said Memela. 

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