Elderly woman's murder rocks Chatsworth community

Elderly woman's murder rocks Chatsworth community

The community of Kharwastan south of Durban is reeling in shock after an elderly woman was killed during a home invasion.

Elderly woman's murder rocks Chatsworth community
Lauren Beukes

Police say 72-year-old Jinsee Hairam was strangled to death - when four suspects broke into her home this morning.

They fled with an undisclosed amount of money. 

Paramedics say another woman - believed to be Hairam's daughter - was hurt and taken to hospital. 

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Their neighbour, Dharma Naicker says nothing like this has ever happened in their area that been living at 40 years, and have experienced small robberies.

"But this is huge. And she's been a very wonderful woman, wonderful, wonderful woman, never harm anybody. She's in the morning waking up, doing a prayer and things like that. But this is a shock to us. It's a real shock for a woman to die like that.,"  said Naicker. 

No arrests have been made an cases of murder and house robbery are being investigated. 

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