Eyewitness recalls 'traumatic' scenes at Durban flat fire

Eyewitness recalls 'traumatic' scenes at Durban flat fire

A Durban resident says it was pandemonium when Monday's massive fire broke out in the CBD, tearing through seven flats on Dennis Hurley Street. 

Grey Street Mosque Fire

Shabnam Mohamed, who lives in the immediate vicinity of the Juma Masjid Mosque, says she and her brother watched in horror as the raging blaze spread from one flat to another. 

The iconic mosque, which's located in the same building, wasn't damaged. 

"There were massive flames, lots of panic and running around.

"Firefighters trucks in the area, metro police and people just really scared and traumatised had anybody perished in the fire, had their goods been destroyed. 

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"Just a very difficult time for everyone who was on the scene of this devastating fire," says Mohamed. 

Firefighters worked for two hours to bring the flames under control. 

Officials will soon begin an investigation into the cause of a fire.

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