eThekwini says Samwu strike ‘unauthorised’

eThekwini says Samwu strike ‘unauthorised’

A strike in the Durban CBD by a large group of workers affiliated with the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) has been labelled as unauthorised.

Samwu in Tshwane

About 500 workers took to the streets after the municipal workers union called a two-hour general meeting on Wednesday morning, which had been granted by the city.


It's believed the workers want performance bonuses.


In videos and images on social media, some are seen walking around the CBD disrupting traffic and throwing rubbish onto the streets.

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eThekwini spokesperson Gugu Sisilana says law enforcement must not allow acts of lawlessness.


"The 'no work, no pay and no benefits' principle will apply to employees who participate in the unauthorised protest action.


"The grievances that the workers have must be resolved at the Bargaining Council as negotiations are currently underway in relation to the conditions of service and payment of performance bonuses."

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