eThekwini resumes some services from Friday

eThekwini resumes some services from Friday

eThekwini Municipality says some services in the municipality will resume on Friday, following a week of social unrest and violence. 

eThekwini to meet disgruntled bus drivers today
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Durban's bus service is back on the road with a limited-service operating in areas considered low risk. 

The city has asked commuters to please be mindful of the fuel shortages and clean-up operations across Durban. 

It says these might affect the availability of staff and operations.

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Taxi operators are also set to start running from Friday. 

The Dial-a-Ride service remains suspended. 

Regarding burials and cremations, the oThongathi crematorium is open but Mobeni is still closed because of technical challenges. 

"Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries. PRC services remain closed except for cremation and burial services. There is a concerted effort from the City to assist the public with burials and cremations given the current Covid-19 crisis."

"Sizakala Customer Centres will also resume operation from tomorrow [Friday]. All offices will be open except for centres at Umlazi Mega City, KwaMnyandu, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu that were damaged in the unrest. The Craigieburn Centre will have limited services available," the City said in a statement.

Refuse collection will resume next week. 

"Clean-up operations and street sweeping services have started at various areas. The household waste collection service is due to begin next week. Residents are advised to keep their refuse in their properties until then."

eThekwini technicians have now started repairing broken water and sanitation infrastructure but says the process will take a little longer in areas where there's been major damage. 

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Now, the N3 Toll Concession says we need to still avoid the N3 for safety reasons. 

Law enforcement teams want it to remain closed until further notice.

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