eThekwini insists water tanker deployment is transparent

eThekwini insists water tanker deployment is transparent

The head of eThekwini Water and Sanitation insists there is transparency about the city's water tanker operations.

Durban residents are fuming about a water outage that affected large parts of the city related to an eThekwini municipality labour dispute that has disrupted services.

Ednick Msweli spoke on the water disruptions in Durban at a press conference at the ICC on Wednesday.


Some affected communities have complained about tankers being infrequent or, in some instances, not coming to their areas at all.

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Msweli was asked a question about the deployment plan.


"We would share with the councillors on some WhatsApp groups, we would go to the extent of giving them registration numbers, the drivers that have been allocated they have all of that information,” Msweli said. 

“It’s not an easy task. I’m saying we are managing it as best as we can. If we have 157 of our own and hiring another 150, how big is that fleet? We are talking about 260 or so fleet of water tankers, and we don't have any service providers. It’s just our staff."   


He said the department keeps track of the tankers.


"As of the 12th, I had only 6 water tankers that had not moved. I can tell you there were valid reasons. Only one where the driver was sick, the other was maintenance issues that needed to be addressed, but what we want to avoid is not to hire water tankers when our own tankers are not moving. That can't happen."


Msweli said an additional 100 new water tankers will be delivered before the end of May.


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