Environmentalist warns against eating fish from Durban beaches

Environmentalist warns against eating fish from Durban beaches

An environmentalist is cautioning Durban residents against consuming fish from the city's beaches.

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Beaches in eThekwini remain closed to bathers due to high levels of E.coli bacteria.

Desmond D'Sa, who is from the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, says only the sardines from the lower south coast are safe.

"There have been people that's had diarrhoea that we have let on the beaches. Certainly, I think it will be important for us to monitor and to make sure that this doesn't get worse. 

"The danger of it is that if people are eating sardines and the city has issued a warning. It just means that that you cannot claim any compensation if something happens." 

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He says the harmful bacteria have affected people's livelihoods.

"They cannot put food on the table, but more critical, they cannot even sell any fish. 

"The responsible authorities should be held accountable that this continues to happen and that the infrastructure in Durban continues to collapse and what happens is that the sea becomes the dumping ground either the sewerage, the chemicals and all that and I think our government needs to come out and tell us what plans they have to ensure that this is not going to continue."   


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