Environmental group cleaning up ‘gruesome’ rubbish in Umhlanga River

Environmental group cleaning up ‘gruesome’ rubbish in Umhlanga River

A local environmental group has been hard at work at Umhlanga River to remove tons of rubbish following a surge in plastic waste after the recent storms.

Umhlanga River waster
The Litterboom Project

Non-profit The Litterboom Project is driving the massive clean-up. 

The group's Josh Redman says their river interception method has stopped waste from making its way to the sea. 

“About 50 metres by 20 metres wide of just plastic, plastic, rubbish, polystyrene. It is the most gruesome scene, absolutely gruesome.”

He says they have extracted a large portion of rubbish that's been building up near communities living upstream. 

Redman says they'll tackle the uMlazi River and Cuttings Beach on the Bluff which are in a similar state. 

“We’ve been working at it since Monday. We’ve ramped up our efforts now towards the end of the week, but we still have some way to go and we realise that manpower isn’t going to do the job. So we have brought in some extra help, some machinery and we will start lifting that stuff out.” 


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