Durban special ed school accused of covering up bullying

Durban special ed school accused of covering up bullying

Some parents are accusing a Durban South special needs school of sweeping bullying and other abuse under the carpet.

Photo of empty classroom / Pexels
Photo of empty classroom / Pexels

The father of a six-year-old autistic and non-verbal boy says the child came home last week with bite marks, bruises and deep cuts. 

He says when they confronted the school the next morning - they were told they will investigate. 

The father says he still hasn't heard received answers from the school. 

A case of assault has been opened with police. 

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Another parent claims the children aren't supervised and says violence is prevalent at the school. 

She says her seven-year-old son - who is also autistic- was pinched repeatedly and hit by an assistant teacher. 

"He was inconsolable. He was in a hysterical state. He grabbed onto me and said 'Mummy get me out, I don't want to be here' he was sobbing," says the mother. 

She claims the children are not supervised. 

Education spokesperson, Kwazi Mthethwa says they're looking into the claims. 

"We would like to ensure the parents and community that we are giving attention to this case and when we finalise everything related to this matter we will announce it."

"We stand against any abuse against any learner or teacher and will defend them with everything we have," said Mthethwa. 

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