Durban North residents sign petition against fireworks

Durban North residents sign petition against fireworks

Some Durban North residents have embarked on a move to ban explosive fireworks in the area - saying they're abusive to animals and the ill.


A petition with more than 700 signatures is currently doing the rounds.

eThekwini Ward 36 councillor Shaun Ryley has confirmed receiving the petition.

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He says residents have expressed concern around the impact of big bang fireworks - especially around this time of year, with Diwali and Guy Fawkes just around the corner.

Ryley says it's important to strike a balance when it comes to civil rights.

"It always comes to a situation where these two factions - if I can call them that - are fighting against each other at this time of year. We need to respect that this is a part of a religious belief, a religious celebration that has to be respected and that religious rights are paramount and important that they are enshrined in the constitution as well but unfortunately with wishy-washy bits and pieces of legislation nobody knows where we stand," he said.

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