Durban near-drowning survivor 'was at last of the rope'

LISTEN: Durban near-drowning survivor 'was at last end of the rope'

A KZN man who nearly drowned -says he would not have made it if the doctor who pulled him out of the water had arrived a moment later.

Search for missing man, off Virginia Beach

Midlands resident, Ian Dodds survived the near-drowning at Glen Ashley beach in Durban on Sunday. 

The 48-year-old was enjoying an afternoon swim with his daughter when the sea swells began to rise.

"I went in - started swimming around and powering up to the waves. All of a sudden, I just ran out of breath and got dumped by one wave, then another. I couldn't breath anymore. I tried to swim back in and eventually I was floating trying to go with the rip tide. I really was at the last end of my rope. It was amazing - my brain was completely loose and I just had no power. They ran into the water and pulled me out," he said. 

Fighting against the tide - Dr. Craig Springate and a second member of the Durban Surf Lifesaving Club managed to bring Dodds to the shore. 

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Springate says Dodds' body had almost gone limp.

"His face had gone purple and we managed to drag him up to safety out of the high water mark and we lay him down on his side andattempted to assess the situation from there. He was breathing but he was absolutely exhausted. He literally lay on the beach with us in attendance for close to an hour." 

Springate says he thereafter made a call to Netcare 911 paramedics. 

Dodds was taken to hospital - where he was treated before being released. He is due to undergo further checks. 

Listen to Newswatch journalist, Portia Cele's full interview with Dr. Craig Springate below.  

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