Durban hostage situation diffused, man taken into custody

Durban hostage situation diffused, man taken into custody

The hostage situation in the Durban CBD has been diffused and a suspect taken into custody.

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Nushera Soodyal

Newswatch understands a former government employee was demanding his pension money inside the Salmon Grove Chambers building on Anton Lembede Street.

What we do know, is that a man believed to be a former government official entered the building, allegedly demanding his pension money at a government pension facility.

He was armed and had what appeared to be some sort of explosive device hooked to him.

This is unconfirmed by police, but has been confirmed by medical personnel and sources on the scene.

Newswatch learnt that he had held about three people hostage in the building.

When Newswatch arrived, over a dozen members of the explosives and bomb squad were making their way around the building.

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Over 50 other police officers were also on scene.

They had cordoned off the area around the building at multiple points and were not allowing anyone to go into this red area.

There were hundreds of people who have gathered, all trying to gather what was happening. 

Less than an hour later, what started as a very chaotic situation had cleared up in the Durban CBD, with police seen exiting the building with the suspect.

Police eventually managed to diffuse the situation.

Emer-G-Med's spokesperson Kyle van Reenen says a man was taken from the building on Anton Lembede Street by police.

"Emer-G-Med can confirm that no injuries and no fatalities were sustained and the South African Police Services are to be commended on their swift action.” 

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