Doctors say Newlands 'miracle' baby awake, responsive

Doctors say Newlands 'miracle' baby awake, responsive

Chief specialist for trauma at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, Dr Tim Hardcastle, has called the baby who was this morning rescued from a stormwater pipe in Newlands East - a miracle.

Baby Rescue  - Newlands
Bernadette Wicks

The newborn was found trapped seven metres deep in the pipe in the early hours of this morning.

Her cries were first noticed by a passer-by. 

It took emergency workers several hours to get to her. After she was extricated, she was airlifted to hospital.

"The main problem with the child is that she was very cold - her temperature was about 35,5. So we spent most of the time warming her up, washing off the dust and abrasions," he said.  

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Dr Hardcastle says the hospital's paediatric unit has had a look at the infant and given her some basic medication.

"She's been awake, responsive and crying. Her glucose, and sugar levels have been good. She's basically stable enough to be transferred to one of the other base hospitals." 

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