Cane growers welcome biofuel study

Cane growers welcome biofuel study

KwaZulu-Natal's sugarcane growers have welcomed the findings of a study into biofuel for the aviation industry. 

Helene Valenzuela / AFP

The research focused on the production of ethanol and how it can be used as sustainable aviation fuel. 

It was carried out by the SA Canegrowers Association and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials. 

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The study found there is potential for cane growers to divert half of the of 19 million tonnes of cane produced each year towards ethanol production. 

The Association's Rex Talmage says not only will this be a great business opportunity for sugarcane farmers - it's the right move for our planet.

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"In line with the various directives and targets that many countries have undertaken to reduce their carbon footprint and of cause airline have a big footprint in that and they are going to be increasing the taxes on that - so hence it is creating an incentive and this putting us in the position right now that we are wanting to pursue this opportunity."

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