Calls for Stellenbosch to 'introspect' on pace of transformation

Calls for Stellenbosch to 'introspect' on pace of transformation

The Council on Higher Education (CHE) believes the time has come for the University of Stellenbosch to introspect on the pace of transformation at the institution. 

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The university was brought into disrepute earlier in the week after a video surfaced where a white male student is seen urinating on books and a laptop belonging to a fellow black student.

Theuns du Toit is believed to have broken into Babalo Ndwayana’s dorm room at Huis Marais in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Du Toit has since been suspended by the university pending investigations, while Ndwanyana has laid a case of housebreaking, malicious damage to property and crimen injuria. 

The council’s Dr Whitfield Green says the incident should lead to the university to self-examine.  

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“To what extent is the transformation project fully underway and making progress at the university, or is this a sign of an institution and an institutional culture that remains largely untransformed?

“Like all universities in our country, Stellenbosch University is a national asset, and for that reason, among others, it should ensure that its reputation and legitimacy is not sullied by acts of racism by some within its community.

Another investigation is also underway into an alleged incident that occurred at the Law Dance last week Thursday when racist remarks were allegedly made towards a female student. 


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