Black mamba found in KwaDukuza home

Black mamba found in KwaDukuza home

A 2.5m black mamba has been removed from a KwaDukuza home on the north coast.

Black Mamba
Local snake catcher, Neville Wolmarans was called in to remove the mamba on Thursday night.

He says the snake may have been attracted to the home by a litter of kittens.

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Wolmorans says people can expect more snake sightings due to the warmer temperatures.

"They sometimes seek relief from the heat and they go inside. Concrete floors are nice and cool, in the shade. But they can be found anywhere," he said.

He says people who encounter snakes must call a snake catcher and try not to panic.

"Clean you house as best you can, avoid leaving low windows and doors open and try and keep as much clutter out of your yard as possible," he said.

Wolmorans also says people can help reduce snake encounters by dealing with rodent problems and removing bird nests from their roof.

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