Baby born 5 months premature at Durban home defies the odds

Baby born 5 months premature at Durban home defies the odds

A baby boy who was born five months premature on Monday is said to be making strides and beating all odds in hospital.

Baby born 24 weeks premature at Durban home defies the odds
Netcare 911

The 22-year-old daughter of a helper in Durban North gave birth after collapsing in the driveway of the employer's home.

The infant's breathing was very shallow - but was resuscitated by a worker from a school across the road.

The homeowner Cathy Gilmour says time was of the essence.

"It happened so quickly. I called the ambulance and then I phoned the first aider at Danville Park Girls' High School, which is where I work. Cathy Shaw came across with some other colleagues and they had all the equipment."

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Gilmour says it was a moment of joy when the baby showed signs of improvement.

"Slowly we saw him get more colour and he was crying and he was responsive. It was just the most incredible feeling. So many people came together to help out. Primrose named him 'Alipheli' which means God's love is never-ending."

Netcare 911 paramedics stabilised both mum and baby before taking to hospital.

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