Another South African teaching abroad says ‘life is unbearable’

Another South African teaching abroad says ‘life is unbearable’

A KZN resident who is working as a teacher in Saudi Arabia is appealing for assistance from the International Relations Department.


The woman, who does not want to be named, says she is desperate to return home. 


She says her life became unbearable when she refused to sign a contract given to her by her employer. 


"The school keep you for six months up to a year without issuing you an exit. To leave, you have to pay. 


"Even if its a holiday, they can approve it and decide whether or not you get to leave, but you are forced to sign a new contract, and I said I'm not going to sign a new contract, and I said I'm not going to sign a new contract I have one from South Africa.


"Because I stood up against the administration, they essentially told me that if I don't sign, I'm not part of the working force even though I was going to school each day." 


She's only been in Saudi Arabia for 10 days.


The woman says she was subsequently kicked out of the school's apartment for not conforming and left homeless. 


"I recently arrived and was put to stay with a man and a lady, and you are not allowed to stay with men in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal and immoral.


"I asked to be given alternate accommodation. I spoke to the person who hired me directly, and I said this is not right. 


"The second day, there was a big meeting with all the staff members about the poor living conditions and the poor working conditions that they have experienced for the past month."  


DIRCO's Clayson Monyela says while the government understands the woman's predicament, their policy does not allow the department to pay for flights and accommodation.


"We don't pay for hotel accommodation, we don't pay for flight tickets. The responsibility to pay for such core it’s either by the individual concerned or their servants." 


He indicated that the teacher needs to abide by the contract she had agreed on with that country.


The recruitment company, Gulf Connect, says the woman signed a contract with the school directly.

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