Another increase in fuel prices expected in November

Another increase in fuel prices expected in November

The Automobile Association, says the current fuel hikes can be attributed more to the rising international oil prices.  

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"If we analyse the figures, the fuel hike has got more to do with the fact that oil is expensive rather than rand weakness. Rand weakness is playing a role but the international petroleum prices are playing a bigger role," the AA's Layton Beard said.  

Beard says their bleak price prediction for November could change.

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 As it stands, they expect motorists to fork out an extra 40 cents per litre for petrol from next month. Diesel users could be hit hard again with a 70 cents per litre hike.

"What we would like to see from a consumer point of view in South Africa is for the oil prices to ease up before the end of the month. The rand may strengthen against the US Dollar, the international petroleum price might ease. So we will keep an eye on those two factors," Beard said. 

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