Alleged riot instigator Ngizwe Mchunu granted R2 000 bail

Alleged riot instigator Ngizwe Mchunu granted R2 000 bail

A former Ukhozi FM radio presenter and media personality Ngizwe Mchunu walked out of the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday after he was granted bail.

Ukhozi FM radio presenter Ngizwe Mchunu arrested

Mchunu is accused of instigating the violence linked to the deadly unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.


He handed himself over to police earlier this month following a week of wanton looting and destruction to property. 


A stanch Jacob Zuma supporter, Mchunu has been vocal in his defence of the former president - vowing to put is life on the line for the 79-year-old politician.


Following Zuma’s arrest at the start of the month, Mchunu has used social media platforms and press briefings to rally support.


Spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Phindi Mjondondwane confirmed Mchunu is out on R2000 bail.


“The matter was postponed to 21 October 2021 for further investigation,” she said outside the court.

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“As the NPA we accept the court’s decision with the understanding that we were dealing with bail proceedings and we are not yet at the stage of trial where we need to prove our case beyond reasonable doubt.”

Mchunu is also accused of breaching the Disaster Management Act.


The state believes it has enough to hold Mchunu accountable. 


“We still maintains the NPA that there is a prima facie case against Mr Mchunu and much of those details will be revealed during the trial stage,” Mjondondwane added.


Mchunu received a hero’s welcome from scores of supporters who cheered his release outside the courthouse. 


“We were fighting for justice and we got arrested by people who broke the law,” a high-spirited Mchunu told media. 


“I feel very jubilant and confident that the country’s legal system is functional.


“There is nothing more important than following the law, from the higher powers right down the man on the ground. That was we can all live in peace and harmony.”

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