Sweet! Blake Shelton gifted Jennifer Hudson's son a goat for Christmas

Sweet! Blake Shelton gifted Jennifer Hudson's son a goat for Christmas

If you need a goat, Blake Shelton is your guy.  

Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has revealed that he once bought Jennifer Hudson's son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., a pygmy goat for Christmas! 

The country singer stopped by 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' this week where the pair reminisced about their time together on NBC's 'The Voice'.  

During the chat, the pair shared the gifts they gave each other. "Do you remember the gift you gave me?" Jennifer asked him, before adding "Y'all know Blake sent me a whole goat?"

Blake clarified that the gift was for the EGOT winner's son. He shared a story about how David and his cousin approached him with an interesting question. 

"They come over and they are like, 'Mom says you can get us a goat'. Because I am the country guy on the show, you know, let's just call one out from the barnyard," he joked. 

Blake said he then gave the boys the lowdown on everything they needed to know about goats. David was in luck because he asked him about the farm animal at the right time of the year - Christmas. 

"It was this time of year... I think at some point I asked you, I said, 'I really would like to get him a goat for Christmas.' And so, [I] got him a pygmy goat," the 'God's Country' hitmaker said. 

The story doesn't end there! 

"But then the season was over and I wasn't gonna see y'all, so I had to, like, get an airplane to fly this freaking goat from Oklahoma to Chicago. I mean, this goat had a first-class ride," he added. 

And that's how Jennifer's son ended up with a pygmy goat for Christmas. 

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Jennifer revealed that they named the goat Prancer. "That is one of the most memorable Christmases for my kid ever," the 41-year-old said.

Blake also shared some of his family's Christmas traditions. He said he enjoys cooking with his wife, Gwen Stefani, over the holidays. 

"Our Christmas tradition has become... it's called a Timpano Pasta Dome and it's like this thing that you put all these different layers of different pastas. So, there'll be like a red sauce, Alfredo, and then some other bull crap and then some cheese. And it's all in this dome and you cook it in the ove," the 46-year-old said. 

We Googled, and the Timpano Pasta Dome does not look very appetising. Sorry, Blake, but at least the kids will get awesome Christmas presents. 

Watch Blake's interview with Jennifer below. 

Main image credit: Instagram/@iamjhud(via 'The Jennifer Hudson Show'), @blakeshelton(via NBC's 'The Voice')

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